CONNEXTM - Unlock the Full Power of Dimplex Electric Heating

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Wireless Control of Smart Heaters with CONNEXTM

Dimplex CONNEX wireless control technology allows for easy and convenient whole-home control of CONNEX compatible smart heaters.

Single-zone Heating

Install Single-zone CONNEX Controllers on each level of a home or use for individual heaters.

Multi-zone Heating

The Multi-zone Programmable CONNEX Controller manages all heaters, zones and programs for the entire home.

Micro-zone Heating

Eliminate cold spots in a room with select smart heaters designed to respond individually, even when there are multiple heaters on one circuit.

CONNEX Smart Heaters

The CONNEX family of products includes a range of convection and fan-forced smart heaters designed to deliver true proportional heat for maximum comfort and energy-efficiency.

Built-in Electronic Thermostat

Maintains precise room temperature for maximum comfort and energy savings.

Energy Savings

Significant energy savings compared to a conventional heater and thermostat.

Learning Technology

Learns the room environment and adapts to maintain better comfort.

Active Temperature Sensing

Senses room temperature in the air inlet - more accurate than a wall thermostat.

CONNEX Brings It All Together

The CONNEX wireless system brings multiple savings benefits together to put you back in control of your heating.

Extra Energy Savings

Save up to an additional 9% using 7-day programming.

Return on Investment

A whole home CONNEXTM system can pay for itself in as little as 3 to 5 years. After that, the savings are yours!

Go Wireless

Saves installation time and material by eliminating wiring to thermostats controls.