Home Heating

Home Heating

Dimplex strives to make your home more comfortable and energy-efficient by providing innovative heating solutions. Heating your home should be easy and efficient and Dimplex gives you both while ensuring perfect comfort.  Choose from our wide range of styles, heating methods and sizes.


As part of the world’s largest manufacturer of electric heating products, Dimplex uses its Global research and development resources to create new and innovative heat solutions. The comfort of you and your family drives us to find ways to deliver products with superior performance and exceptional energy efficiency.


Concern over rising home heating costs has reinforced the need for energy conservation. In response to the need for greater efficiency we created a new family of products that deliver incredible performance with unmatched energy savings. The Linear Proportional Convector replaces inefficient, conventional baseboard heaters and the Precision Comfort Heater brings new levels of energy efficiency to fan-forced heaters.


In addition to conventional thermostats, Dimplex now offers a pair of innovative new wireless CONNEX™ controls that work with CONNEX™ compatible heaters. Enjoy the simplicity of wireless installation and the convenience of controlling multiple heaters from a single device. CONNEX™ controllers also unlock the full potential of Dimplex Linear Proportional Convectors and Precision Comfort Heaters.

Kitchen & Bath

Enhance any kitchen or bathroom renovation with the additional warmth of Dimplex electric heat. These are the most functional living spaces in your home where the extra comfort of supplemental heat is most appreciated. Whether under your cabinets, surface-mounted or recessed into the wall, Dimplex has a heat solution to add value and comfort to every application. Click here to find your room solution.

Living & Sleeping

You need the heat in your living and sleeping spaces to add warmth and comfort, but most importantly it needs to be silent. Dimplex offers a range of convection heaters that operate with no moving parts so you can enjoy the heat without any fan noise. Click here to find your room solution.

Entry & Garage

Powerful Dimplex fan heaters are ideal for areas such as entryways, garages and workshops where rapid response is required. Fan heaters provide a concentrated stream of heat that quickly replaces lost heat and maintains comfort. Click here to find your room solution.

The CONNEX™ Product Family

Dimplex presents the first simple whole home zone heating solution. Linear Proportional Convectors (LPC) and Precision Comfort Heaters (PCH) feature exclusive Dimplex CONNEX™ wireless technology, which work with our Single-zone and Multi-zone Programmable CONNEX™ Controllers.


Achieve maximum home comfort with Dimplex micro zone heating. Dimplex CONNEX™ technology allows LPC and PCH heaters to measure the heat loss and respond individually to ensure perfect room comfort and maximum efficiency throughout your home.


Whole home control has never been easier and more energy efficient with the Dimplex line of CONNEX™ heaters and compatible controllers. Easily control room temperatures throughout your entire home by synchronizing one or more LPC and PCH heaters to either CONNEX™ controller.


CONNEX compatible heaters both feature built-in electronic thermostats, which improve energy efficiency by up to 10% over a conventional thermostat.  Electronic controls are also more accurate, 0.5°C/0.9°F0.5°C/0.9°Fkeeping your room temperature within 0.5º C / 0.9 º F, meaning the temperature you set is the temperature you feel.

Single-zone Heating

Install a Single-zone CONNEX™ Controller on each floor of your house or in any room where direct temperature control of LPC and PCH heaters is preferred for easy zone control. The possibilities for zone control are endless with this easy to install, wireless controller.

Multi-zone Heating

The Multi-zone Programmable CONNEX™ Controller is a Dimplex exclusive, operating four individual heat zones wirelessly from one remote location. The easy-to-use touch screen allows for 7-day/ 4-event programming that combined with zone heating provides incredible energy savings.