Convection Heaters

Convection Heaters

Silent operation makes convection heaters the perfect choice for living spaces and bedrooms, using natural air currents to circulate the heat throughout the room with no moving parts.

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Innovative Design

Dimplex has changed convection heating with the new range of Linear Convection Heaters. LC and LPC models both combine the compact size of panel convectors and the discrete location of a baseboard into a single, perfect design. Enjoy up to 42% more wall space than with a conventional baseboard and feel the heat quickly with 40% faster airflow. We think you will also appreciate the way the improved styling of the linear convectors fit with your décor.

Energy Efficiency

Dimplex convection heaters are available with built-in electronic thermostats to help you enjoy maximum comfort and energy efficiency. Electronic thermostats eliminate temperature swings above and below your desired setting, which saves energy and ensures that the temperature you select is the temperature you feel.

Silent Heat

Convection heaters have no moving parts so they are completely silent. They create natural air currents that quietly circulate heat throughout the room, making them ideal for living and sleeping spaces.


As their name suggests, baseboard heaters are installed discretely where the wall meets the floor. This keeps them out of the way and makes them relatively inconspicuous. Conventional baseboards have needed to be very long relative to the amount of heat they produce. Dimplex solved that problem with the new Linear Convector, which replaces conventional baseboards in our product line because of their improved performance and smaller size.

Wall Panels

Panel Convection Heaters were created to address the size and performance concerns of traditional baseboard heaters. Their compact size makes them easier to locate on the wall than baseboard heaters. They also produce more heat relative to their length, which makes it easy to get the heat you need while leaving space for furnishings.