New OptiMyst from Dimplex changes the game for electric fireplaces

March 11, 2010

Cambridge, Ontario — Every so often, a technology comes along that challenges the status quo and becomes the new benchmark for an industry. The new OptiMyst from Dimplex brings just such a revolutionary change to the world of the fireplace. The OptiMyst raises the realism of electric fireplaces to a new level by using advanced technology that is completely new to the fireplace category. The OptiMyst is the first electric fireplace that combines the appearance of real fire and smoke, and displays a true 3-dimensional flame. The life-like glowing logs and shimmering ember bed further enhance this extraordinary realism.

Martyn Champ, President of Dimplex North America Limited says, “The OptiMyst doesn’t just raise the bar in the electric fireplace category; it changes the game. When people see the OptiMyst for the first time, they just can’t believe that its fire is not real. It’s that convincing.”

The OptiMyst produces the illusion of flames and smoke by creating a very fine water mist using ultrasonic technology, and illuminating that mist from below. As the mist rises through the log set, the wispy vapors take on the appearance of real flame and smoke. The result is a perfectly convincing illusion. And, because the flame is really just cool water vapor, it is completely harmless and free of emissions. Users can control the amount of flame and smoke intensity to suit the ambiance of the moment.  The OptiMyst comes equipped with a powerful heater that can take the chill off a room or turned off to allow the OptiMyst to be enjoyed even in warm weather.

The OptiMyst is also easy to enjoy; it plugs into any standard household power outlet, and the easy-fill water tank lasts for 14 to 17 hours of continuous operation before refilling is necessary. Operating costs are estimated to be two cents per hour with the flame and smoke operating or seven cents per hour with the heater running and the thermostat cycling at 50 percent.  

People are captivated by the flicker and glow of a fireplace. Unfortunately, traditional fireplaces have been very expensive and complicated to install. That began to change in 1995 when Dimplex North America Limited introduced the first modern electric fireplace with a realistic looking flame effect. Because electric fireplaces require no complicated installation, piping or venting, they can be installed anywhere, making them ideal for use wherever a dramatic focal point is desired. This versatility means that apartment and condominium dwellers can easily add the warmth and ambience of a fireplace to their décor. Users also appreciate the ease of use, and clean, safe operation and efficiency that these fireplaces provide. Because of these attributes, the growth in electric models has far outpaced other types of fireplaces over the last decade. Martyn Champ adds, “The OptiMyst technology, with its incredible realism, may be the catalyst that converts the few remaining skeptics into true believers in the bright future for electric fireplaces.”

About Dimplex:

Dimplex North America Limited, headquartered in Cambridge, Ontario is North America’s leading manufacturer/marketer of electric fireplaces and is a division of the Glen Dimplex Group of Ireland. The Glen Dimplex Group is the world’s leading manufacturer of electric heating products, having demonstrated outstanding innovation, quality and customer service for more than 35 years.

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