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Blast Hand Dryer


Model # BLAST Series

The BLAST hand dryer is constructed from cast iron, allowing for its small dimensions while delivering industrial durability. High velocity drying is coupled with automatic infrared actuated sensing for power conservation, maximum hygiene and greater component longevity.  A removable pre-drilled base plate is included for ease of installation.

Controls & Wiring

Automatic resetting thermostat with cutout when airflow is restricted. Infrared sensor cutout two seconds after hand removal, and 60 seconds after initiating drying.

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Volts 115 - 230* VCA (*50 / 60 Hz)
Wattage 1450W at 6.3A (230VAC)
Warranty 10 years parts and labor
  • cCSAus
  • White
  • Black
  • Stainless
Available in North America
Controls Automatic resetting thermostat with cutout when airflow is restricted.
Finish Porcelain enamel
Heating Element 725W resistance coil
  • Public Washrooms
Installation Removable predrilled baseplate for easy mounting

Key Features and Benefits

  • Maximum Power Conservation

    Automatic infrared actuated sensor provides maximum power conservation and hygiene

  • Robust, tamperproof design

    Greater product durability and longevity in application

  • High velocity (275 CFM) airflow

    Ultra high speed hand drying

  • Automatic voltage switching

    Designed for easy installation

  • LEED and BOMA

    Contributes to LEED and BOMA building certification