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OptiMyst FAQ's

Q: Why will my unit not come on?
  • Make sure the wall outlet that your unit is plugged into has power and that the circuit breaker has not tripped in your main electrical panel.
  • Try plugging the unit into another outlet.
  • Make sure that the main switch “A” is in the “On” position.
  • Make sure your batteries are working and replace them if necessary.
  • Make sure that you are pointing the remote control in the direction of the right side of the logs as this is where the receiver board eye for the unit is located.
Q: I have no flame effect, what should I do?
  •  Make sure the wall outlet that your unit is plugged into has power and that the circuit breaker has not tripped in your main electrical panel.
  • Try plugging the unit into another outlet.
  • Make sure that the main switch “A” is in the on position.
  • Make sure that the water tank is full.
  • Make sure that the low voltage connector is properly connected.
Q: The flame effect on my unit is too low, why? (Only applies to Renwick & Rockwell models)
  • The flame effect control knob may be set too low. Turn control knob of unit clockwise to increase the flame effect.
  • There may be too much water in the water sump located under the water bottle.
  • The metal disc that is located in the base of the sump may be dirty or faulty. Clean the disc with a soft brush and try unit again. See maintenance instructions for step by step procedure. If this does not correct the problem then a new sump would be required.
Q: The flame effect is producing too much smoke, why? (Only applies to Renwick & Rockwell models)

A: The flame effect setting may be set too high, turn the flame control knob to the left until it is at the minimum setting. Once this has been performed, slowly turn knob to the right ¼ turn at a time. This gives the flame generator some time to adjust before increasing.

Q: Why is there an unpleasant smell coming from my unit?

A: Change the water in the water tank and sump assembly as the water may be dirty or stale.  In order for the unit to run properly, you must use filtered water if possible or tap water with a minimum hardness of 10 dh only.

Q: Where can I buy the light bulbs for my unit?

A: You can only purchase these bulbs from Dimplex, please call our Dimplex Customer Service department at  888-346-7539 to order.

Q: What are the clearance requirements for the Opti-myst firebox?

A: The Opti-myst uses a combination of mist and air to create realistic flame effects. If there is too much draft or cross-breeze and the “flames” will look like blotchy mist. Too little airflow into the unit itself and you’re going to risk damaging the fireplace or reducing the height and visibility of the flame effect.

When installing a new unit, we suggest you avoid places near drafts, fans and air currents that will negatively impact the flame effect. You also need to build in space for air to flow into the unit properly.

The CDFI1000-PRO requires an air inlet of least 80 cubic inches (516 cubic centimeters) and the CDFI500-PRO requires half of that — 40 cubic inches (258 cubic centimeters). You can get creative with how you design the intake — you just need to be sure that you allow enough air to reach the bottom of the unit without being blocked..

You also need to have at least 16 inches (405 cm) clear above the cassette, although we recommend 18 inches (457 cm) for best performance.

If you’re using the Pro Box, all of these air requirements are built into the unit itself.

Q: Can tap water be used with the Opti-myst cassette?

A: Normal tap water can be used with the Opti-myst as long as it isn’t too hard. Softened or filtered water is best.

Hard water minerals will build up on parts that they come in contact with, which can reduce the amount of mist or block the supply line over time. If you’re using hard water, thesethings can be mitigated by cleaning the Opti-myst once every 3 or 4 weeks.

Opti-Myst Cassettes

Q: Does it require any venting?

A: No, the Opti-myst® cassettes do not require any venting.

Q: What kind of water can be used? Will it work with Reverse Osmosis systems?

A: The Opti-myst® cassettes can be used with regular, warm (35°C or 95°F) tap water. Although, if you live in a region with ‘hard’ water it is recommended that you use soft, distilled, or reverse osmosis water.

Q: Will the cassettes raise the humidity/put moisture into the room?

A: Yes, the humidity will be raised by the equivalent of 2 persons in a room with the 1000 cassette and 1 person with the 500 cassette. Also, the moisture placed into the air is equivalent to the amount of water the cassettes consume per hour; 292 mL per hour for the 1000 and 146 mL per hour for the 500.

Q: Were there any steps to prevent potential health effects of water/moisture being placed into the air?

A: Yes, the plastic components found in the Opti-myst® cassettes that come in contact with the water before, and during the misting process are designed with an anti-microbial additive to prevent the growth of the bacteria; keeping the fine water mist safe, and free of any harmful bacteria.

Q: How long will a full tank of water last?

A: At maximum mist level, the 1000 and 500 cassettes will last approximately 8 hours.

Q: Can I mount a TV above my fireplace feature?

A: TV’s can be mounted above the Opti-myst® cassettes, with a recommended clearance of 18 inches (45.72 cm). 

Note: Long-term tests with TV’s have not been conducted.

Q: How much does it cost to run my Opti-myst® cassette(s)?

A: Using the national average of 15.21 cents for kW/ hour, the 1000 cassette costs $0.07/hour and the 500 costs $0.02/hour, with the addition of water costs. 

Note: Electricity costs will vary depending on your region.

Q: Can I install any type of material around the unit, will the moisture affect it?

A: The moisture will not affect the material you’ve chosen to surround your cassette(s), but in order for the tethered Bluetooth receiver to work it cannot be built-in to stone/brick/concrete, or metal; these materials block the remote signal.

Q: Can I put a custom media on my Opti-myst® Pro cassette(s)?

A: You may place a custom media on the included flat plate, but it must not have the ability to create small particles that could fall into the unit and the mist opening must remain free of any obstructions. Also, the media used cannot have an overall weight exceeding 5lbs as this will cause the media plate to dip slightly in the center. If using a heavily porous material, it is recommended that you examine the material after a few days for any spots or discoloration.

Q: Can I install my Opti-myst® Pro cassette outside?

A: The Dimplex Opti-myst® cassettes are certified for indoor use only.

Q: What cleaning/maintenance is required?

A: A bi-weekly cleaning with soap and water of the top cover assembly, sump and transducer is recommended. At this time, the spring found in the fill cap (plumbed units) and water tank should be gently pressed down to ensure efficiency. If the spring does not return to its former position, wipe the area and attempt the test again. If it still does not ‘spring back’ you may require a replacement.  The air filters should also be checked on a biweekly basis for any discoloration or build-up and removed for a gentle rinsing and towel dry when needed. When reinstalling, place the course black filter facing the back of the unit. When cleaning the surface of your Opti-myst® cassette a soft, damp cloth is all that is needed.

NOTES: Do not use abrasive cleaners on the surface of the unit and do not put plastic components in a dishwasher.

Q: Can I add scents to, or change the color of the flame effect?

A: These products do not include a flame color theme option, and it is not recommended that scents be added to the Opti-myst® Pro cassettes.

Q: How many products/sizes are available in the Opti-myst® Pro product line?

A: Opti-myst® Pro cassettes are available in a 500 and 1000 model with sizes of 50.8 cm/ 20” and 102.5 cm/ 40-3/8” respectively. These cassettes can be placed together to create custom sizes, and a dramatic linear fireplace.

Q: My Opti-myst® Pro cassette stopped working and the lights are blinking twice, what does this mean?

A: This is an indication that your unit has run out of water. Follow the instructions in your owner’s manual for step-by-step instructions on how to refill your unit.

Q: Why won’t the flame effect on my Opti-myst® cassette start?

A: This can be caused by three scenarios: (1) the plug has not been connected to the socket, (2) the water in the cassette is low, or (3) the low voltage connector has not been connected properly. Please ensure your unit has been properly connected to your wall socket and review your owner’s manual to correct scenarios 2 and 3.

Q: Hard plumbed Installation

A: Reservoir option – bottle holds: 1.3L, sump at the maximum level holds 1L.  Note:  a 1000mm has two bottle and two sumps.  

Q: Reservoir Installation

A: Hard plumbed option - is copper plumbing required/ a must for hard plumbed option? Copper piping is not required if you have a plumber install the product and he/she brings his own materials.  If you choose to purchase and use the Dimplex plumb kit, the connection point requires copper piping. 

Q: How many levels of flame intensity control are available?

A: The unit has 7 settings. The voltage to the fan drops 100% to 30% in 10% increments

Q: How many levels of audible volume control are available?

A: 8 crackling sound levels on the product but 4 are audible Once the sound level is selected using the manual controls on the unit, the product will remember the setting when using the remote control.  Keep in mind if the customer would prefer no sound, the sound can be muted.

Q: Is a drain required for this unit?

A: No. The unit contains:

(1) a software timer – if the unit is taking too long to fill, the software will time out and shut the water off
(2) a redundant solenoid valve -  solenoid valves rarely fail.
(3) Overflow detection – cuts power to the unit if water is above the maximum line.

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