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Mantel FAQ's

Q: Part of my mantel is damaged, where can I get parts?

A: Warranty replacement parts are available through our Customer Service department by calling 888-346-7539. In order to ensure our team can properly assist you, please have the back of your mantel accessible prior to calling. If your mantel has passed the one year warranty period, we recommend contacting a furniture repair business to fix the damage.

Q: My firebox owner’s manual says I can’t place my unit on carpet, is this true?

A: Your owner’s manual is referring to the firebox portion only. If you’ve purchased one of our fireplace packages with a firebox and wooden mantel surrounds, then it is perfectly fine to place your fireplace mantel on a carpeted surface.

Q: Can I put my television over my fireplace?

A: It is always recommended that you check with the television manufacturer for any restrictions prior to installing your Dimplex fireplace to ensure all restrictions are met. Please ensure you are also maintaining the minimum clearances allowed for all Dimplex fireplaces, which can be found in the owner’s manual.

Q: How much Formaldehyde is there in your mantels?

A: All of our current products being produced meet CARB Phase 2 requirements

Q: Can I paint my mantel?

A: We do not recommend painting your mantel as it will void the warranty on the unit.

Q: Can I put my mantel right up against the wall?

A: Yes. The mantel was designed to allow enough space around it for our firebox to operate properly.

Q: How do I clean/dust my mantel?

A: We recommend using a clean damp cloth to wipe away any dust or dirt. Furniture polish is not recommended.

Q: I chipped my mantel, what’s the best way to touch it up?

A: We recommend purchasing a furniture crayon of the same colour and using it to touch up your mantel.  They can be found at most home improvement stores.

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