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CONNEX® Multi-zone Programmable Controller


Model # CX-MPC

The Multi-zone Programmable CONNEX® Controller is a Dimplex® exclusive, operating four individual heat zones wirelessly from one remote location.

CONNEX® wireless technology easily synchronizes multiple Linear Proportional Convectors and Precision Comfort Heaters to one controller for precise temperature control throughout the home. The easy- to-use touch screen allows for 7-day/ 4-event programming that combines with zone heating for incredible energy savings.

Controls & Wiring

RF transmitter for wireless control of 4 heat zones. Touch screen programmable display allows for whole home control of all Dimplex® LPC and PCH series heaters. Features 7-day and 4-event daily scheduling with “Quick Set” programming.

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Volts 3V
Range 50' (15.24 m)
Available in North America
  • White
Construction Materials White molded polymer, with a LCD touch screen for ease of programming.
Installation Complete with detachable mounting bracket for simple programming & installation
  • CONNEX® Compatible

Key Features and Benefits

  • Radio Frequency Control

    Equipped with CONNEX® wireless technology that synchronizes with Dimplex LPC and PCH heaters for simple whole home control.

  • Easy to Install

    Save time and material with no holes to cut or wires to run.

  • Four Heat Zones

    Program heaters in up to four zones to run a schedule that suits the homeowners lifestyle for maximum comfort and efficiency.

  • Quick Set Programming

    Within each zone, easily set different programs for every day of the week, and 4 daily events (wake, away, home, sleep).

  • Backlit Touch Screen

    Large display with easy-to-use touch screen.

  • Detachable Installation Bracket

    Program wirelessly from the comfort of your chair.

  • AA Batteries Included

    Provides extended battery life; easy to replace.