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CONNEX® WI-FI Multi-zone Programmable Controller


Model # CX-WIFI-A

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The WI-FI Multi-zone Programmable CONNEX® Controller lets you manage your Dimplex® CONNEX® smart heaters using your mobile device. Both the controller and heaters feature built-in wireless technology that makes installation a breeze and allows for simple, whole-home control. And the Dimplex® CONNEX® App makes it easy to stay connected from anywhere. If comfort is important to you and your family, installing a Dimplex® Multi-zone Programmable CONNEX® Controller will have you experiencing the most important comfort of all… The comfort of control.


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Volts 120V
Range 50' (15.24 m)
Available in North America
  • White
Construction Materials White molded polymer, with a LCD touch screen for ease of programming.
Installation Includes stand for tabletop and wall-mount bracket
  • CONNEX® Compatible
System Requirements • Broadband internet connection (customer purchased) and wireless router (802.11 b/g/n)
• Smartphone or tablet with internet browser (Internet Explorer 8, Firefox 4, Safari 5, Chrome 9 or higher)
• Software automatically updates as long as controller is connected to WIFI
• Free IOS and Android apps available at time of release

Key Features and Benefits

  • Control from anyplace

    Electric heating control using your mobile device

  • Adjust zones and schedule

    Customize heating zones for perfect comfort

  • Save on your energy costs

    Pre-programmed to maximize savings

  • Free app

    Easy-to-use with no monthly fee

  • Arrive in comfort

    Warm-up cottages and remote locations before you arrive

  • Fully compatible

    Works with your existing CONNEX® enabled Smart Heaters