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Smart Eclipse Baseboard Chromalox®


Model # SEB Series

The revolutionary design provides a sleek, compact heater profile, while improving heater performance, reducing energy consumption, and increased comfort. The Smart Eclipse Baseboard comes equipped with an onboard electronic thermostat which controls and maintains a consistent room temperature providing up to 33% energy in savings. The heater is equipped with pre-stamped mounting holes for easy installation and a thermal overheat protection for safety.

The Smart Eclipse Baseboard has a specially-formulated, environmentally friendly epoxy/polyester powder coating finish that resists fading and abrasion for durability and a long life span.

NEX® Whole Home Control

Smart Eclipse Baseboards are compatible with optional Dimplex® Single-zone and Multi-zone CONNEX® Controllers, which provide whole home connectivity and comfort.

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Finish White
Volts 240V/208V
Wattage 500W - 2500W
Warranty 10 year element warranty. One year warranty on complete unit.
Available in Canada
Controls Wall-mounted remote control for user convenience (optional accessory)
Finish Polyester/epoxy powder coating
Heating Element Nickel chromium element
  • cCSAus
Construction Robust, 20 gauge steel construction
  • White
  • CONNEX® Compatible
  • Basements
  • Bathrooms
  • Bedrooms
  • Family / living rooms
  • Foyers / entry
  • Hallways
  • Home office
  • Kitchen
  • Sunrooms
  • Ideal for retro-fits

Key Features and Benefits

  • Whole home controls

    Includes an on-board thermostat with built-in transceiver which communicates through radio frequency to provide whole home connectivity and comfort.

  • Faster room heating

    The smaller size and top vent discharge allows the unit to heat a room up to 40% faster than a traditional baseboard. The top discharge design creates rapid heat flow to the center of the room for quick comfort and enjoyment.

  • Smaller in length

    Designed to be up to 42% smaller in length when compared to a traditional baseboard allowing for faster room heating capabilities and increased room placement flexibility.

  • Shark-fin design

    Superior shark-fin blade design on a steel tubular element for improved heat transfer, quiet operation and longer life

  • Thermostat accuracy

    Extremely sensitive electronic thermostat controls which are accurate to within 0.5°C (1°F) help to maintain even room temperature.

  • Reduce operating costs

    Sophisticated built-in electronic controls proportion and control room temperatures and aid in reduced operating costs up to 33%.

  • Easy Installation

    Installation is made simple as no ductwork, gas lines, or furnace room is required.