Convection Heaters

Convection Heaters - Quiet and Convenient Heat

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Attractively Styled to Blend with Any Decor

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Silent Heat

Convection heaters have no moving parts so they are completely silent. They create natural air currents that quietly circulate heat throughout the room, making them ideal for living and sleeping spaces.

Built-in Controls

Built-in controls eliminate the need for wall thermostats. Ideal for retrofit installations where there is existing wiring but no thermostat.

CONNEX® Compatible

Select models include CONNEX® wireless control technology with built-in electronic thermostat for maintaining room temperature to within 0.5°C (0.9°F), maximizing comfort and efficiency.

Panel Convection Heat

Panel Convection Heaters were created to address the size and performance concerns of traditional baseboard heaters. Their compact size makes them easier to locate on the wall than baseboard heaters. They also produce more heat relative to their length, which makes it easy to get the heat you need while leaving space for furnishings.