Dimplex CONNEX®

CONNEX® - Unlock the Full Power of Dimplex Electric Heating

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Wireless Control of Smart Heaters with CONNEX®

Dimplex® CONNEX® wireless control technology allows for easy and convenient whole-home control of CONNEX® compatible smart heaters.

Single-zone Heating

Install Single-zone CONNEX® Controllers on each level of a home or use for individual heaters.

Multi-zone Heating

The Multi-zone Programmable CONNEX® Controller manages all heaters, zones and programs for the entire home.

Micro-zone Heating

Eliminate cold spots in a room with select smart heaters designed to respond individually, even when there are multiple heaters on one circuit.

CONNEX® Smart Heaters

The CONNEX® family of products includes a range of convection and fan-forced smart heaters designed to deliver true proportional heat for maximum comfort and energy-efficiency.

Built-in Electronic Thermostat

Maintains precise room temperature for maximum comfort and energy savings.

Energy Savings

Significant energy savings compared to a conventional heater and thermostat.

Learning Technology

Learns the room environment and adapts to maintain better comfort.

Active Temperature Sensing

Senses room temperature in the air inlet - more accurate than a wall thermostat.

CONNEX® Brings It All Together

The CONNEX® wireless system brings multiple savings benefits together to put you back in control of your heating.

Extra Energy Savings

Save up to an additional 9% using 7-day programming.

Return on Investment

A whole home CONNEX® system can pay for itself in as little as 3 to 5 years. After that, the savings are yours!

Go Wireless

Saves installation time and material by eliminating wiring to thermostats controls.