Fan-forced Heaters

Fan-forced Heaters - Resilient Comfort in a Compact Design

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Solutions for Your Heating Needs and Installation Requirements

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Compact Design

Dimplex® fan-forced heaters are designed to provide the heat you need (up to 2,000 watts) in the smallest size possible. They require much less space than the equivalent convection heater and come in a range of designs to suit your heating needs and installation requirements.

Powerful Heat

Fan-forced heaters are quick and powerful, making them ideal for entryways and low traffic areas like workshops, garages and laundry rooms. They respond instantly to traffic through exterior doors, ensuring that your home comfort is maintained. Or simply turn up the thermostat when entering a laundry room or workshop and the desired comfort level is quickly achieved.

Installation Flexibility

A range of installation options are available to suit your heating requirements Choose a recessed model for a renovation or new construction project to take full advantage of the low-profile, compact design. Select a surface mount design for installation simplicity when completing a retrofit project.


Dimplex® built-in fan-forced heaters are designed to recess into standard 2” x 4” and 2” x 3” wall construction making them easy to locate.

Surface Mounted

The Dimplex® EF12 Bathroom Heater is a great example of an easy-to-install surface-mounted product. Have your electrician bring the electrical supply to the desired location, then use the included mounting bracket to quickly and easily install the unit and you’re ready to enjoy the next time you step out of the shower.