Thermostats / Controls

Thermostats & Controls - Uncomplicated Accuracy and Control

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Convenient Operation for Electric Heating Solutions

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Installation Flexibility

Many Dimplex® electric heaters offer the choice of a built-in or wall-mount thermostat. Built-in thermostats eliminate extra wiring to a wall thermostat and offer discrete temperature control at each heater. Wall thermostats are more convenient to operate and are often used to control more than one heater.

Energy Efficiency

Conventional Bi-metal thermostats are a mechanical device that offers a basic level of accuracy and efficiency. Electronic thermostats offer highly accurate temperature sensing, which avoids overheating a room. This ensures greater comfort and can deliver up to 10% energy savings over bi-metal thermostats.

Zone Heating

In a home with electric heating, each heater may be controlled by a programmable thermostat to create a zone heating plan.
The Dimplex® CONNEX® system simplifies zone heating since one CONNEX® controller can be synchronized to every compatible heater in a house, giving you one-touch convenience.

CONNEX® Controllers

Wireless CONNEX® controllers allow you to adjust the temperature of CONNEX® compatible heaters and only heat the rooms you use most. You can synchronize one CONNEX® controller to multiple compatible heaters, which allows for simple zone heating.

Wall Thermostats

All residential wall thermostats are hard-wired to the heater to provide temperature control of your heating system. Dimplex® offers a complete line of residential bi-metal and electronic thermostats to maximize the comfort and efficiency of your electric heating system.