The entire 216 sq. in. grilling surface reaches over 600°F for ideal searing temperature, offering corner to corner consistency with no cold spots.

EvenSear™ Dual Element Technology

The active dual element grill system sears while it cooks by heating food directly to lock in flavour and providing precision heat with no cold spots for professional results every time.

Smart Controls

With a few easy steps, the automatic controls on some models guide you through every step, taking the guesswork out of grilling. Program the type of food, thickness and the desired doneness and let the grill do the rest; the control chimes when it’s time to flip and time to serve delivering perfect results every time.

Quality Craftsmanship

The durable, weatherproofing finish ensures long product life and year round grilling


Our portable units offer a variety of ways to use your grill depending on your specific needs. Choose between the standard table top units, or make use of our optional mounting kits including a wall-mount bracket or pedestal base.

No Hassle

The electric operation eliminates the hassle and worry of propane tanks, leaky gas lines or fittings, with a Power Chef grill, you just plug it in, turn it on and start grilling.

Safe Operation

With no open flame, combustion or volatile fuels, the PowerChef grill can safely be used in areas that other grills cannot, including apartment and condominium balconies, and its compact size allows it to easily be stored when not in use.