Press Room 2013

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  • New Linwood Fireplace Series from Dimplex Fuels the Trend Towards Ultramodern Design

    Sep 26

    For a growing number of urban condo owners, city loft dwellers, and even top-tier hoteliers, the opportunity to add a suitable fireplace to a space has often been limited by the lack of an appropriate fireplace design. Dimplex has taken an exciting step towards satisfying this gap in the marketplace with its new Linwood electric fireplaces, which feature a completely modern, upscale aesthetic.

  • Dimplex Expands Product Line as Consumers Get the Hang of Wall-mount Fireplaces

    Sep 26

    Design-conscious consumers have discovered that one of the best ways to give any living space a makeover is to make a Dimplex wall-mount fireplace the centerpiece of the room. It’s a surefire way to add instant atmosphere and comfort without sacrificing valuable floor space. Dimplex is responding to record-high levels of demand for its wall-mount fireplaces by launching several exciting new models in its Built-in Linear Fireplace (BLF) series.

  • The Precision Comfort Heater: A new, whisper-quiet fan heater with more installation flexibility

    Mar 13

    Until now, fan heaters provided powerful heating but were too noisy for most rooms. Patented PVO™ technology, with fully variable fan speed and wattage, makes the Dimplex Precision Comfort Heater the quietest fan heater on the market. Install with confidence in spaces that would not have been feasible before. Laboratory sound testing proves that the fan runs at a mere 43 decibels, comparable to a whispered conversation.

  • Smart heating system could cut bills and increase use of renewables

    Feb 27

    A new smart electric thermal storage (SETS) system – which offers electric heating customers efficiency savings of up to 20% – could play a key role in Europe’s transition to a smarter, low-carbon energy system, by storing up renewable energy when demand is low and supply is high. This is the main conclusion of a new report published today by energy consultancy DNV KEMA and commissioned by leading energy company SSE and appliance manufacturer Dimplex.