Dimplex Electric Fireplace Helps Make the NextGen Tiny House a Home

January 12, 2017

Orlando, Florida, January 12, 2017 – Dimplex North America is proud to contribute its cutting-edge Multi-Fire XD Electric Firebox to the NextGen Home Experience Tiny Home.  Showcased at the 2017 International Builders’ Show in Orlando, the Tiny Home is a partnership between NextGen Home Experience and the U.S. Department of Energy, showcasing the future of residential construction.  The goal of the program is building “Zero Energy Ready Homes” and as such Dimplex Electric Fireplace technology is featured amongst a who’s who of leading residential home construction brands.


“Because of their energy efficiency and ambiance, Dimplex electric fireplaces are uniquely suited for this project,” says Jane Bradley, Director of Marketing for Dimplex.  The Tiny Home includes an amazing number of practical features packed into a small space; however, the Multi-Fire XD is one of a few lifestyle-focused features included in the design. “It’s important in a space this small to meet the day-to-day living needs of the homeowner, but our fireplace adds an element of charm and comfort that makes the space even more livable” added Bradley.


With LED flame technology and the patented Comfort$aver Heating System, the Multi-Fire XD Firebox provides a truly lifelike flame while reducing overall energy costs.  The ability to enjoy the flame independent of the heat is a major benefit where climate and seasonality require, and even more so in a small space where a combustion fireplace would overwhelm the heating needs of the space.  And by operating without combustion, electric fireplaces achieve a minimal carbon footprint, especially if the electricity comes from renewable sources, which is why the Multi-Fire XD was the ideal choice for a “Zero Energy Ready Home.”

“Dimplex is delighted to have contributed our innovative fireplace technology to this important project, with the goal of creating a more sustainable model of home construction.  It’s also nice to think that with Dimplex consumers can still enjoy the cozy comfort of a fireplace while they make a responsible choice for a low-carbon future,” states Bradley.

About Dimplex:
Dimplex North America Limited is celebrating 25 years as a world leader in innovative electric heating and electric fireplace solutions in North America, offering a wide selection of residential, commercial and industrial products. The Dimplex commitment to innovation fosters outstanding research, product develop and design excellence.

Dimplex North America is a member of the Glen Dimplex Group of companies of Dublin, Ireland. Established in 1973, Glen Dimplex is the world’s largest manufacturer of electrical heating products, also holding significant global market positions in domestic appliances, cooling, ventilation and Renewable Energy solutions. Dimplex operates two distribution facilities with over 400,000 square feet of space located in Indianapolis, Indiana and Cambridge, Ontario.

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