Convert Old Electric Heating to Smart Heating with CONNEX®

August 10, 2017

AUGUST, 2017 – CAMBRIDGE – Homeowners using electricity to heat their homes now have an option to upgrade with out the associated costs of replacing their heaters.  A new innovation from Dimplex enables residents to convert their existing baseboards and fan-forced electric heaters to CONNEX-enabled Smart Heaters.

The new CONNEX Smart Thermostat (CST) is easily hard-wired to any electric heater of up to 4,000 watts. Making the heaters it controls ready for mobile control using a smartphone.  In addition, the CST lowers energy costs by up to 10% when compared to a mechanical thermostat, is equipped with economy mode, displays relatively humidity and maintains precise room temperature within half a degree Celsius for perfect comfort.

When used in conjunction with the company’s Wi-Fi CONNEX Controller – the now smart enabled heaters can be controlled from anywhere in the world using any smart phone or tablet. So, whether you forgot to turn the heat down when you left, or want to warm up you home or cottage heating before you arrive, the CONNEX Smart Thermostat and CX-WIFI Controller give you the comfort of control.

  1. This is great news for homeowners, building managers, landlords, and rental property and cottage owners as they can now instantly and economically upgrade all existing heaters and manage their settings wherever, whenever.   

The New CONNEX Smart Thermostat retails for approximately $79.99 and will be readily available this fall at Home Depot Stores across Canada. 


About Dimplex Dimplex North America Limited is the world leader in electric heating, offering a wide range of residential, commercial and industrial products. The company’s commitment to innovation has fostered outstanding product development and design excellence. Dimplex North America Limited is a member of the Glen Dimplex Group of companies of Dublin, Ireland. The Glen Dimplex Group employs over 8,500 people worldwide with sales in excess of $3.0 billion.


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