Dimplex compact convectors warm contractors’ hearts

New high performance linear convection heaters are up to 42% smaller than conventional baseboard heaters but heat faster and more efficiently using new technology.

July 10, 2011

Cambridge, Ontario ---The new Dimplex Linear Convector is designed to revolutionize the heating market by incorporating important aesthetic, performance and logistical benefits that appeal to both end users and contractors. The Linear Convector is shorter, heats faster, reduces heat loss through the wall, and installs quicker than conventional baseboard heaters. Dimplex North America Limited is a division of the world leader in electric heating products; when it decided to re-think the most popular heating category, it put changing consumer and contractor needs at the forefront and started with a clean slate.

“The Linear Convector Series is a true design breakthrough,” says Martyn Champ, President of Dimplex, “We ignored conventional wisdom and developed a heater that delivers real benefits to consumers and installers by saving space and performing better than baseboard heaters. And we think the fresh new design is much more attractive.”

Compared to conventional baseboard heaters, the most obvious difference in the Linear Convector is its compact size, up to 42% shorter. This size advantage frees up more living space, an important consideration for homeowners and landlords alike. In addition, users appreciate having increased flexibility in furniture placement permitted by these shorter heaters. Contractors will appreciate the compact size as it allows more viable choices for installation. In addition, the Linear Convector requires less space during delivery, less area to stage at the job site, and creates less packaging waste after installation.

Consumers are going to love the fast heat delivery of the Linear Convector. Slow heating has frequently been a complaint leveled against baseboard heaters. Dimplex engineers solved the problem by applying innovative and high-end design principles to this popular priced heater. Just like commercial and upscale residential convectors, the Linear Convector features top discharge to transfer heated air to the room fast. Air velocity through the Linear Convector is up to 40% faster than conventional baseboard heaters. Dimplex designed a unique shark-fin blade shape for its heating element fins to improve heat transfer and accelerate heated air into the room. This configuration also creates a laminar flow effect that reduces heat loss through the outside wall up to 10%, providing real energy savings to the user. The design also reduces deposits of airborne particulates and wall discoloration.

A grill at the top of the heater prevents objects from falling into the heater and interfering with its operation. Full length automatic overheat protection provides another dimension of safety. The heating element is completely enclosed within a steel sheath for long life and resistance to rust, and is covered by a ten-year warranty.

The Linear Convector comes in a range of sizes, from the 500 watt model at only 20 inches long to a 2500 watt unit that measures a tidy 60 inches long - approximately 42% (or 43 inches) shorter than a conventional baseboard heater. Easily removable front caps, knockouts on both sides and pre-stamped mounting holes make installation a snap. A tough baked on powder coat finish resists abrasion and fading.

About Dimplex:
Dimplex North America Limited, headquartered in Cambridge, Ontario is North America’s leading manufacturer/marketer of electric fireplaces and is a division of the Glen Dimplex Group of Ireland. The Glen Dimplex Group is the world’s leading manufacturer of electric heating products, having demonstrated outstanding innovation, quality, and customer service for more than 35 years.

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