Dimplex Linear Convector reduces installation time

New heater design uses built-in electronic thermostat for fast installation and exceptional performance.

July 11, 2011

Cambridge, Ontario --- The latest advances in thermo-engineering and electronic controls have been applied to the age-old requirement for home and commercial heating, resulting in a fundamentally new heating concept, the Dimplex Linear Proportional Convector (LPC) Series. As the flagship of the new Linear Convector heaters, the LPC Series was developed to supplant other forms of electric heating and provide meaningful benefits to end-users, installers and distributors. The LPC is smaller and less obtrusive, heats faster, maintains room temperature more accurately, and installs much faster than other electric baseboard heaters.

“As the world leader in electric heating, our reputation demanded that we design an exceptional product,” says Martyn Champ, President of Dimplex, “so we started with a clean sheet of paper and re-thought every aspect of electric heating. The LPC is the ultimate result of that development process, and it exceeds every aesthetic and performance goal we set for it. We believe it is the new benchmark in the industry.”

The most apparent distinction between the Linear Proportional Convector and other conventional heaters is its compact size; up to 42% shorter than baseboard heaters with comparable heat output. Homeowners and landlords will both appreciate the smaller size, providing occupants more choices when placing furniture and freeing up valuable living space. Installers will like the fact that the compact size makes possible additional choices for placing the heater. In addition, the Linear Proportional Convector requires less space when transporting to the jobsite, less space to stage on location, and has less packaging material to dispose of.

Another noticeable benefit delivered by the LPC Series is the speed of heating. Conventional baseboard heaters are often criticized for their slow heating. The LPC Series uses top discharge, similar to high-end residential and commercial heaters, to heat rooms quickly. The flow of heated air is up to 40% faster than conventional baseboard heaters. A grill covers the heat outlet and prevents objects from falling into the heater. The unique Dimplex patent pending shark fin element design improves heat transfer from the fully enclosed steel element sheath, accelerating heated air into the room. This design also saves energy by creating a more direct airflow that reduces heat loss through the outside wall by up to 10%, and reducing wall discoloration from deposits of airborne matter.

The sophisticated electronic control system that comes installed in every LPC is designed to delight end-users and astound contractors. Consumers will benefit from the stable temperature and increased comfort provided by the built-in proportioning thermostat with digital display. It can manage room temperature to within 0.5 degrees of the set temperature. The control displays ambient and set temperatures, offers economy or comfort settings, and incorporates a lockout function. Users may choose to display either Fahrenheit or Celsius temperature scales. Contractors will be elated that the optional wall mounted remote control is wireless, and can be mounted anywhere without the typical issues surrounding an extra cable run for a wall thermostat. Each LPC has a built-in transceiver that lets it communicate with the wall mounted remote control without modification. And, each wall mounted remote control can be synchronized with multiple LPC heaters for whole-home temperature control.

The LPC Series comes in a range of sizes, from the 20-inch long 500W to a 2500W unit that measures only 60 inches long; approximately 43 inches shorter than a comparable baseboard heater.

About Dimplex:
Dimplex North America Limited, headquartered in Cambridge, Ontario is North America’s leading manufacturer/marketer of electric fireplaces and is a division of the Glen Dimplex Group of Ireland. The Glen Dimplex Group is the world’s leading manufacturer of electric heating products, having demonstrated outstanding innovation, quality, and customer service for more than 35 years.

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