New Dimplex electric grills pack power into compact size

Metro tabletop grill boasts family-size capacity with a small carbon footprint.

March 11, 2010

Cambridge, Ontario — The development team at Glen Dimplex Americas left accepted beliefs behind to overcome the contradictory design goals of the new PowerChef Metro electric grill. How could they build in cooking capacity for an entire family while achieving a take-anywhere tabletop size? How could they provide powerful cooking performance while being easy on the environment? 

The answers are based on the Dimplex EvenSear dual element cooking system (patent pending). This unique design sears while it cooks by transferring heat directly to the food. The upper cooking grid heats up to 650°F, the perfect searing temperature to lock in juices and flavor. The lower element does the rest of the work using powerful radiant heat. Precisely controlled heat spreads evenly across the cooking surface making every square inch useable, with no cold spots. That means that the Metro can cook as much food as larger grills, easily enough for six people.

Because the Metro uses clean electricity, and greatly increased efficiency, it has a much lower carbon footprint than traditional grilling with either charcoal or gas. Since the Metro uses no open flame or combustible fuel, it appeals to those who prefer the safety and convenience of reliable electric power. Metro plugs into any standard household outlet.

“We reached our goal of providing exceptional performance while offering outstanding portability,” says Colin Stewart, Director of Design at Dimplex. “The Metro delivers the same cooking results as our larger grills but in a format that makes it easy to transport from place to place and also very easy to store. It’s ideal for a family on the go or a balcony with limited space. The temperature control allows uncomplicated and precise cooking for a wide range of grilled foods. The durable and weather resistant matte black finish presents a modern appearance that is designed to last.”

In locations where other grills are impractical or not allowed, such as balconies, the Metro is the best choice for outdoor cooking. But even on traditional backyard decks and patios, owners of gas or charcoal grills may find the Metro ideal to use on those days when they want the pleasure and taste of outdoor cooking but don’t want the hassle of firing up the gas grill or waiting for the charcoal to be ready. The precision cooking and lack of flare-ups will be a pleasant revelation to this group. 

About Dimplex:

Glen Dimplex Americas, headquartered in Cambridge, Ontario is North America’s leading manufacturer/marketer of electric fireplaces and is a division of the Glen Dimplex Group of Ireland. The Glen Dimplex Group is the world’s leading manufacturer of electric heating products, having demonstrated outstanding innovation, quality and customer service for more than 35 years.

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