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Indirect Single-Wall System

Solar Thermal System

Model # ESSW2

Dimplex® solar hot water packages combine all the key components into easy-to-install kits for a typical three and four bedroom home. As hot water needs change during the homeowners lifetime, our systems are designed to react to fluctuations ensuring needs are always met.

This system includes the following components;

2 x Solar collector, FP-Blue-A, 2M
2 x Mounting Kit (1X DSCA)
1 x Solar tank, Solar HX, 53GAL/200L
1 x Pumping station, Solar loop -A
1 x Controller, Solar-A
2 x Fitting, Union, Compression 3/4"
2 x Fitting, Elbow, Compression 3/4"
2 x Fitting, End-stop, Compression
1 x Expansion tank, Solar loop, 6.6 GAL/25L
1 x Mounting bracket, Expansion tank, Solar loop-A

Actual product may not be exactly as shown

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