Quantum™ Storage Heaters

Quantum™ - State-of-the-Art Electric Heating Plus Complete Peace of Mind

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Minimizes User Costs. Maximizes Efficiency and Comfort.

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Cutting Heating Costs in Half

Storage heaters reduce electric heating costs by storing low-cost off-peak electricity in the form of heat to meet the day’s heating requirements during the more expensive on- peak electricity hours.

Greater Comfort

Through a combination of radiant and thermostatically controlled fan-forced heat, storage heaters deliver precise and direct comfort.

Works in the Coldest Environments

Unlike heat pumps, storage heaters are designed to be used in the coldest of environments with no reduction in efficiency or comfort during colder weather.

Quantum™ Single-Room Applications

Built-in controls make the Quantum™ Series the perfect solution for homes that require only 1 or 2 storage heaters.

Quantum™ Whole Home High Capacity Applications

The Quantum™ VFMQ Series uses a central control panel that controls multiple higher-capacity storage heaters as well as your existing water heater to maximize your energy savings.

Increase Savings with CONNEX®

Quantum Storage Heaters are designed to heat primary living spaces. Increase savings in rooms with lower heating requirements by adding Dimplex® CONNEX® enabled smart heaters and a wireless CONNEX® whole home control system.

Size According to You

The correct size of your storage heater is based on your room’s heat loss (the heat that escapes from your home’s interior on the coldest day of the year). An electrical or heating contractor can determine this for you or you can visit our online Heat Loss Calculator.

Storage Heater Selection

Choosing a storage heater requires different wiring considerations than conventional heaters. Click here to see the selection table in your area.

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Integrating Renewable Energy

1,000 Home Thermal Energy Storage Project - Clean renewable energy like wind power has one weakness, the wind blows hardest at night and not always when it’s needed. Utilities such as Scottish & Southern Energy in the UK and NB Power in Canada turned to Dimplex® to supply a next-generation Smart Grid and energy storage system to manage more of this variable clean generation, for more information, click here.

Providing Frequency Regulation Services

Ontario’s Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) announced Dimplex® North America as one of five companies awarded to provide 50 MW of fast-acting ancillary regulation services used to maintain the desired frequency and stabilize the power system. For more information click here.