Solar Thermal Hot Water Systems

Solar Thermal Hot Water Systems - Invest in Your Future

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Good Investment

Water heating accounts for approximately 30% of your home’s total energy use, with the Dimplex® solar collector system you can save 50% - 80% on these costs, providing a better rate of return than a savings bond and increasing your home’s resale value. Our systems meet the Net-Zero sustainability targets and are the first step into future-proofing your home against fluctuating energy bills.

Will Never Run Out of Hot Water

The Dimplex® Solar Hot Water System is a pre-heat system that is used with a backup electric or natural gas water heater to ensure you always have hot water no matter how much you use.

Good for the Planet and Our Future

Reducing energy use means less pollution, less carbon emissions and less drain on our finite energy sources like natural gas, oil, propane and coal. Solar Hot Water is the least expensive and most reliable renewable technology.

Solar Hot Water System Kits

Dimplex® system kits are engineered to surpass the highest performance standards, while providing a long service life. The systems are designed to work year round as they have a closed loop system that protects it from freezing during the winter months and its natural venting ensures it will not overheat even in the warmest climates.

Solar Collectors

Dimplex® solar collector systems use a premium blue titanium absorber coating to provide the highest solar absorption and lowest emissivity (surface loss) available. The collectors are fixed to the south-facing part of your roof, mounted with 2 inches of clearance to keep your shingles free of leaves and other debris.


Solar Hot Water Collectors do not degrade like solar electric panels, guaranteeing a long life. Plus, Dimplex’s Solar Collectors are offered with a ten-year limited warranty. Click here to register.


The sun heats the solar collector’s absorber plate and this heat is transferred to a non-freezing, non-toxic glycol mixture. Dimplex® uses a premium bluetec titanium coating for the absorber as it has the highest solar absorption capabilities with the lowest thermal emissivity, reducing lost thermal heat radiated from the collector and retaining the heat for your hot water supply


The glycol heat transfer liquid brings this solar energy down to your solar storage tank by insulated pipe and transfers the energy into the solar storage tank. The Dimplex® system uses a closed-loop design that keeps the heat transfer liquid separate from your home’s hot water supply. The heat is transferred into your hot water supply by coiled heat exchange piping in the bottom of the Dimplex® solar storage tank. There are two versions of the heat transfer system depending on your local plumbing code requirements.

Big Savings

For big savings on energy, look no further than the sun. The Dimplex® solar hot water system provides your family with years of free hot water without changing your lifestyle or daily routines.

Federal Tax Credits

Save 30% off the total cost of installation with a recently implemented federal tax credit. The tax credit allows you to save money every month on your energy bill and offers significant savings off the cost of a new system. Click here for more information on the Federal Tax Credit and application procedures.”

State, Provincial and Local Incentives

Your state and local governments also offer incentives when you install a new solar hot water (solar thermal) system from Dimplex®. Click here for more information on all the incentives available in the US through the Department of Energy’s Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency (DSIRE). Click here to access the Canada’s Solar Association CanSIA website for consumer incentives.

Dealer Training

Dimplex® provides free training modules for dealers as well as informational videos for both dealer and end users.
Dimplex® support includes:

Dealer Programs to help you with a professional marketing campaign to help build your business.

Training and support to assist in your understanding of the simplicity of installation.

Easy ordering - direct from the manufacturer.

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