Storage Heaters

Stores Heat to Save you Money

A storage heater is a specialized electric heater that stores heat during the time period (usually at night and weekends) when electricity costs are low and releases the stored heat to the room as needed. Many electrical utilities offer rates that vary by time period, enabling users of storage heaters to take advantage of the lower electricity prices.

Releases Stored Heat When Needed

When electricity costs are low during Off-Peak hours, the storage heater heats its highly insulated storage core of dense ceramic material to meet the day's heating requirements. When heat is required throughout the day, the heater releases its stored heat by a silent thermostatically controlled fan. The Dimplex control system automatically stores more energy as it gets colder, keeping you warm and comfortable no matter the outdoor conditions.

Greater Comfort

Combines a thermostat-controlled forced convection heater with radiant heating that directly heats objects and people in the room - from a company that has been producing storage heaters for more than 50 years.

Storage Heater Selection Table

Storage heater sizing is different than choosing an electric baseboard size. Click here to see the selection table in your area.

Size According to You

The correct size of your storage heater is based on your room’s heat loss. The maximum amount of heat that dissipates outside from your home’s interior on the coldest day of the year must be made-up by your heating system. An electrical or heating contractor can estimate it or you can visit our Heat Loss Calculator today.

Installer Online Training

To assist users and contractors to better understand how to complete a good installation that will provide the homeowner years of comfort and low heating costs, Dimplex provides free 30 minute webinars on different subjects.

Each webinar is led by a knowledgeable instructor and followed by questions and answers. Click here to see the upcoming schedule webinars.

1,000 home Energy Storage Project

Clean renewable energy like wind power has one weakness, the wind blows hardest at night and not always when it’s needed. The Shetland Islands, 170 miles northeast of Scotland, has some of the best wind generation potential in the world. But to take advantage of this green resource, the local utility, SSE turned to Dimplex to supply a next-generation Smart Grid and energy storage system to manage more of this intermittent generation, for more information, click here.

Quantum Demand Dispatch Storage Heating

To meet the needs of electric utilities and load aggregators looking for real time control of storage elements and 2-way monitoring of available storage and usage patterns. Dimplex has developed the Quantum Energy Storage System, for more information click here.