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Solar FAQ's

Q: Will the solar thermal system save me money?

A: Solar hot water will provide you with a rate of return that is 50% - 80% of your monthly energy costs throughout the continental US and Canada.  It also allows you to take advantage of the addition State/Province/Federal tax incentives.

Q: What is the maintenance required on my system? javascript:void(toggleLanguage('fr',0));

A: The entire system should be inspected on an annual basis to ensure proper operation and conditions of the key components.

Q: Solar Thermal Collectors

A: When maintaining the Solar Thermal Collectors, check the all of the connections for tightness and leaks. Check the panels, piping; insulation or sealing for any sign of wear or damage that may have occurred over the previous year. Repair/replace as required.

Ensure that there is no build up of dirt on the panels and clean if necessary.  Take note of the condition of the sensor wire.  Ensure that there is no damage to the protective coating and that all connections are still intact.

Q: Pumping Stations

A: Inspect all piping connections for tightness and leaks; ensure that all insulation is not showing any signs of damage, and repair/replace as necessary.

Leaks can be identified as different colored spots on the piping. Through the flow meter inspect the condition of the Polypropylene Glycol. The Polypropylene

Glycol should be a clear yellow color, if it appears to be slightly cloudy or black it will need to be replaced. The pH of the solution should be taken on a yearly basis to help determine the condition beyond color change.  

If your system is equipped with a HXA Pumping Station, it is suggested that you change the distilled water at the same time that you change the Polypropylene Glycol.

Q: Storage Tank

A: A visible inspection of the storage tank, the insertion of the temperature probes and the tightness of the fittings on a yearly basis is recommended.  On a biyearly basis the anodes within the tank will need to be replaced to ensure the maximum life and efficiency of the Storage Tank. The system has been equipped with 2 replacement anodes.

Q: What prevents my system from freezing?

A: The system is installed with polypropylene glycol solution of 50% by volume.  This solution will provide freeze protection down to -29°F/-34°C.

Q: Are there any issues I should be concerned about with my system and components due to hard water?

A: System is designed to accommodate hard water.  But a water softener is always recommended.

Q: Once a system is installed, what interaction is needed?

A: Other than a vacation mode or an extended period where the system will not be used, there is no interaction needed.  Follow the yearly maintenance schedule.

Q: If I go on vacation, do I need to remember to do something to my system controls?

A: Set the controller to vacation mode, this enables the system to function normally, even when hot water is not used.

Q: If I have a problem with the system, who should I call?

A: Your initial contact should be to your installer; Dimplex North America has a Technical Services Department, which can be reached at 1.888.346.7539.

Q: What is my warranty for the solar thermal products?

A: Under conditions of normal use and service the Dimplex Solar Panels or Hybrid Hot Water System are warranted for a period of one year.

(Warranty is to the original or subsequent homeowners from the date of sale to the end user). Contact your installer for additional details.

Q: At what angle do collectors need to be mounted?

A: For best performance, the angle the collector is mounted at, compared to the ground should be +/-20 degrees of latitude of your home.  In most cases, the typical roof angle is 30-35 degrees so you can mount your collector flush to your roof in most of Canada and the United States.  The latitude designates your location on the planet ranging from 0 degrees at the equator to 90 degrees at the North Pole.  Link to find your latitude 

Some examples:

  • Atlanta – 33.7
  • Houston – 29.76
  • Miami – 25.77
  • Minneapolis – 44.98
  • Montreal – 45.61
  • New York – 40.71
  • Portland – 45.52
  • Seattle – 47.61
  • Toronto – 43.71
  • Vancouver – 49.27

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